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This year's international Aras Community Event (ACE) took place on May 10-11, 2010 and was hosted by Motorola at their worldwide headquarters in Schaumburg, IL. We really appreciate Motorola's generosity and hospitality, thanks to everyone behind the scenes that made it possible.

Thanks and kudos also to all the presenters: Lear, Basic Research, MiTek, XEROX, Carestream Health, Don at Crucis and Maureen McAllister, all the Aras people and everyone that participated in the Community Solution Showcase. Great job!

Peter Delivers "State of the Community"Peter's Keynote

Peter got the day rolling with an energetic overview of the recent Aras community momentum and let everyone know that the "A" in Aras now officially stands for "Attitude". He went through last year's record growth on every metric: sales, # of companies using, # of downloads, # of installs, # of countries, # partners, # community solutions and more. The Buzz about Aras and enterprise open source PLM is growing louder… a lot louder.

The bottomline was that community momentum continues to strengthen and that together we are transforming the economics of PLM and how it's deployed for global business processes.

Download >>> Peter's Keynote

Lear Deploys Aras for Global PLMLear Global PLM

Lear Corporation, which is a major automotive parts supplier with 2009 sales of $9.7B and 75,000 employees at 197 locations in 35 countries, shared how they are using Aras as the "Lear Smart Execution Manager" for configuration control of complex product information supporting processes and people around the world.

To satisfy the many global OEM car makers in the hyper-competitive international vehicle market they are aggressively expanding their Aras deployment for preferred components and suppliers, assembly product structures, quality doc mgt, tooling docs, assembly manufacturing process doc mgt, project and deliverables mgt and cross-functional change management. The ability to conduct business intelligence analytics that target part reuse and cost reduction are key drivers.

Download >>> Lear Slides

Basic Research Uses Aras for Recipe Management, Product Development and Quality

Basic Research's Doug (aka Bull Dog)Basic Research is known for developing and distributing some of the best-selling, most sought-after formulations on the market for cosmetics, skin care, anti-aging, weight loss, bodybuilding and numerous other consumer concoctions. Their innovative products can be found at Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Sephora, GNC, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, and over 17,000 individual retail outlets worldwide.

They shared their implementation experiences and lessons learned to help others understand how they approached their deployment of Recipe Management, Product Development, Quality Control and other processes. Doug (aka Bull Dog) talked everyone thru tips & tricks, recommendations and ended on a multi-slide Win List included "Total user team buyin and coordination from the start". How many times have you heard that as the top point for a PLM project?

Download >>> Basic Research Slides

MiTek Tells Us How to be Self-Sufficient, "Open-style"MiTek

MiTek Corporation is a recognized world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of high performance mobile, residential, marine and commercial audio products with 13 specialized audio companies delivering products in over 80 countries worldwide.

They have a really inspirational story that starts with a 3 year long search. Then, they found Aras… and after attending a week-long Aras training course they implemented and continue to expand their Aras deployment. Today, they have rolled-out enterprise-wide PLM, New Product Development & Introduction, Voice of The Customer, ISO Quality Management, Personnel Skills Tracking and most recently ITIL Service Desk to help Customer Service track incidences. They've also done some pretty cool modifications along the way. Who knew you could do so much without any help (or cost)?

Download >>> MiTek Slides

XEROX Explains Their SOA Approach to PLM

Xerox PLM PresentationXerox is a $22 billion high tech powerhouse with 130,000 employees in 160 countries.  Their Office Group, which is a global multi-billion dollar SBU dedicated to providing the world's most innovative and sustainable color printers, is using Aras for PLM to control and collaborate across the lifecycle.

Since implementing a unified engineering change process worldwide in 2008 they have expanded their deployment considerably to include NPDI program project mgt, Rev A initial release control, Environmental Compliance for RoHS & REACH, Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) critical parameter mgt, SAM early warning product release feedback system and a wide array of dashboards, charts, reports and analytics for business intelligence on Microsoft SQL Server. They're big fans of the model-based SOA approach where legacy systems are connected instead of the 'old school' rip & replace method… there are even some additional slides with their perspective on SOA for PLM included.

Download >>> XEROX Slides

Carestream Health Outlines their Enterprise-wide PLM Strategy and Selection ProcessCarestream Health

Carestream Health is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging systems for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and x-ray film and digital x-ray products for the non-destructive testing market.

They're products are highly complex electro-mechanical systems that are high dollar value assets. They explained their global PLM vision, why they needed a new PLM backbone, and how they went about evaluating all the latest PLM solutions (and ultimately picked Aras :-)

Download >>> Carestream Health Slides

How PLM Can (and Should) be Your Company's Quality System

Because quality management and compliance are such hot topics today, Don Stephen from Crucis Technology and Maureen McAllister from McAllister Consulting explained how PLM software in conjunction with your ERP can be used as the basis for your quality system supporting ISO 9001 (or whichever flavor your company has to comply with AS9100, TS/16949, 21 CFR 820, TL9000 and others). This was great because most organizations think they have to buy and implement a separate system for quality… not so. Check out the slides and find out why.

Download >>> Aras for Quality Systems Slides

Community Solution Showcase

This was the most exciting session from my perspective. People got 10 minutes to show off their own innovative solutions, add-ons, ideas and enhancements. It was a rapid fire round robin where we saw a lot of really diverse work being done with Aras Innovator.

We saw everything from CAD connectors and the Teamcenter integration to Outlook Email add-ons and the UML editor and sooooo much more. In fact, the Community Solution Showcase had so much cool stuff that I'm going to do a separate post for it.

Just for the record, there is of course no requirement to make contributions back to the community. That said, everyone seems to recognize the benefits: more contributions result in more innovation which provides an advantages for your company and everyone else in the corporate community.

And you don't have to write code to make significant contributions; there are a lot of different options for participation:

  • Ideas, Concepts, Innovations
  • Specifications, Documentation, and Use Cases
  • Development, Testing & Verification
  • Sharing Your Story, Blog Posts, Contribute to Forums

Collaborate & Contribute Awards

The votes are in and we're proud to present the annual Collaborate & Contribute award to three corporate community members for their contributions based on Significance, Popularity and Impact.Collaborate and Contribute Awards

Lear Corporation - Received the award for their Accelerated WAN Performance contribution

Prodeos - Got the award for the UML Editor for Aras Innovator

MiTek (Kevin Friske) - Was recognized for Outstanding Aras Forum Contributor, helping people across the community with answers to the endless stream of questions

Breakout Sessions & Workshops

We also had a series of breakout and workshop sessions led by Aras on solution direction, implementation best practices, distributed & replicated deployments and a number of insightful other topics. Here are the session slides - lots of good stuff in these:

Download >>> Aras Roadmap - Solution direction, upcoming releases, how you can participate

Download >>> Implementation Best Practices - How to plan and implement a phased rollout

Download >>> Federation - Leveraging business objects in other systems through Aras Innovator

Download >>> Configuration & Change Management - Explore different approaches to CM using Aras Innovator

Download >>> Solution Packaging - Learn how to install community solutions and package yours for redistribution

Download >>> Business Intelligence & Product Analytics - A look at different techniques and capabilities using Aras

Download >>> Distributed & Replicated Architectures - Distributed environments, multi-site installations and multiple vault servers

Download >>> SharePoint PLM - Using Microsoft SharePoint with Aras for enterprise PLM

The reception was a lot of fun as well. There was a ton of networking going on and a number of connections were made between companies. Seems like there's going to be a new wave of collaboration moving forward.

Overall, it was the best event ever! The positive energy was outstanding and there were so many great discussions. We want to thank everyone for coming and participating, and we look forward to seeing you at the next international Aras Community Event.

If you can't wait, stay tuned - there will be a number of local and regional ACE sessions coming in the second half of the year.

Download >>> ZIP of ALL SLIDES

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