Frustrated by a Stuck PLM Project?
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Every day I talk to people who are frustrated with their PLM system, implementation, progress, deployment, whatever…  The fact is, lots of PLM projects get stuck (well, not Aras projects) and some never get off the ground.  I sat down with Aras’s Peter Schroer to find out why it happens and what you can do about it.  Read the full story on the Siemens PLM Community site (free log-in required) and learn more about Stuck PLM Initiatives at  You can also call me; Jennifer McCullough at Aras, to talk about your stuck PLM project when you're done reading, and I'll help you navigate your way out.

Posted Thu, Oct 21 2010 2:38 PM by Jennifer


Aras Corporate Blog wrote Top 10 Ways PLM Initiatives Get “Stuck”
on Tue, Oct 26 2010 4:34 PM

Last week, Jennifer McCullough here at Aras, did an interview with Peter for the Siemens PLM Community