Is Your PDM Too Square for PLM?
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Choosing a Product Data Management (PDM) system to do the work of a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution is a surefire way for a projectSquare Peg to get stuck.   As the name implies, PDM is great for managing engineering product data; however, when it comes to managing enterprise product information across the lifecycle, CAD files and related engineering data are only a small piece of the equation. 

PLM is specifically designed to handle the requirements of the entire lifecycle including complex processes, multiple data types, extended enterprise workflows, and supply chain collaboration.  PLM works for every user, technical and non, on a need to know basis, both inside and outside of your company, throughout the extended supply chain.  Companies that try to force-fit their PDM as a PLM often get frustrated and decide that ripping out and their PDM(s) is the only solution.  This drives the designers crazy and makes things even worse.

If you’re stuck: With modern technology you don’t try to force-fit a square peg in a round hole. You probably already have a PDM system, maybe even one for each of your ECAD and MCAD tools.  If they’re working for their intended purpose of managing Work-in-Process CAD files, great!  Keep them. Bring in a PLM system on top to manage the overall process.  The PLM provides a unified way for the company to address the larger business issues that a PDM system just cannot handle.

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