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So, last week Aras was at the PLM Summit 2009 in Miami Fla. This conference appears to be emerging as the thought leadership event for global enterprise PLM strategies. I was impressed (again) by the cross-industry line-up of speakers and the breadth of topics.

Here’s a sampling of some of the sessions I thought were particularly informative:
Knowledge-based Lean Product Development – by Ron Marsiglio, former President of Teledyne Benthos
PLM Roadmaps for Sustainable Implementations – by Abram Walton, Ph.D.(c), M.S. Purdue University, PLM Center of Excellence
Strategies to Move from an Engineering-centric PDM system to an Enterprise PLM Solution – by Andreas Lindenthal, President of Metafore
New Thinking: Conquering Tough Economic Times with PLM – by Dr. Michael W. Grieves
What’s Next for PLM? Crystal Ball Perspectives from the Innovators and Visionaries of the PLM Industry – Panel Discussion (I wasn’t on the panel, but you probably already know what my prediction is… open source PLM)

And there were many other interesting topics as well… as a PLM junky, I found it difficult to pick which sessions to attend when the conference split into two tracks… especially since Aras was a sponsor and I also needed to be available to provide demos and talk with people about how the advanced Aras PLM software solutions can help their business.

It’s clear that even in these difficult times, companies large and small are pressing ahead with their PLM initiatives. Problem for many is that their budgets have been cut and the big PLM license expenses required by the major PLM vendors is a significant obstacle. Am guessing that’s why we were so busy at the conference. People want a more modern and cost effective approach to rolling out PLM enterprise-wide: Skip the PLM license costs, go straight to solving business problems with Aras.

I have to admit that my favorite presentation was Ron Marsiglio’s overview of how his team at Teledyne implemented Lean Product Development. This is of course a topic that is particularly near and dear to my heart and one which I feel is not well understood, particularly how PLM supports these types of efforts. Also, thought that Fred Bellio from Mercury Marine has some particularly insightful comments as well.

Was disappointed though that I wasn’t able to make it down in time for the Sikorsky plant tour. John Carty from Aras partner CMC Systems went and told me that the tour was really informative. I always like a good plant tour… but then who doesn’t.

If you missed part of the conference or weren’t able to make it at all, then here’s some good news… the PLM Summit people do something called a Virtual Conference interactive CD-ROM which includes all the presentation slides and audio recordings of speakers and Q&A sessions. It’s almost like you were there.

They’ve even offered to give people from the Aras community a discount on the CD.

PLM Summit
Virtual Conference interactive CD-ROM

Special Aras Community Discount: $500 (Normally $750)
Just Use this Booking Code: ARA-MKT

I understand that they’re going to do another PLM Summit conference next year in the fall. Will have to stay tuned to the PLM Summit web site for more details. I know I’ll be there.

What’s your take? Were the conference sessions informative? Did you pick up some useful tips for your PLM strategy? Or were you too busy shooting a round of golf on the famous Doral course? (if so, don't worry, we won't say a word :-)


Posted Wed, Jul 1 2009 4:56 PM by MarcL