ACE2010 Lear Global PLM - Aras Implementation Highlights
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As you all well know by now, the Aras Community event was recently held at the Motorola facility in Schamburg, IL.  The event boasted a number of presentations from the entire Community including users, subscribers, partners and a few direct from Aras.  Lear in Southfield, MI presented on their Global PLM Implementation process including why they chose Aras and what they look to for the future.  While Lear's original presentation was over 30 minutes long - we've scaled it down to give you a few highlights in under 10 minutes.  For a copy of the full slide deck please visit the Aras Community Event 2010 International Highlights post by Marc Lind on the main corporate blog.


Posted Wed, May 26 2010 3:51 PM by Jennifer