PLM & The Management of Complex Product Structures
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At ACE Germany, Dr. Martin Eigner of the Institute for Virtual Product Development (VPE) for the University of Kaiserslautern presented on the complexity of multidisciplinary products including external and internal variance.  Dr. Eigner went on to talk about solutions for variant handling, simplexity and strategic product planning and architecture.

In Dr. Eigner's presentation, he specifically reflects upon ALM in a PLM world and how changing software components affect design as drastically as changing traditional product components such as wiring or engine sizes in a line of vehicles. 

As ALM in a PLM world begins to gain ever more traction, revisit Dr. Eigner's presentation.  In what ways is your company and product development efforts affected by this increasing complexity in product structures?  What solutions do you employ and what are your visions for the future?

Posted Mon, Apr 9 2012 3:04 PM by Jennifer