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Gamification 3Gamification, the use of game design and thinking in a non-game context, is a favorite topic of mine.  I find it fascinating and enthralling to read about and employ where possible.  I’ve witnessed firsthand how turning everyday tasks into games help people come up with more creative solutions, tire less easily, and remain focused and engaged for longer periods of time.  The absorption rate of information presented in a game format is unparalleled.

Gamification is everywhere you look today.  From social apps like foursquare to exercise sites like Fitocracy and even in some enterprise arena’s including corporate forums and boards.  Users enjoy becoming the mayor of their favorite coffee shop, ousting competitors, receiving props, and being known as a guru on tech forums they contribute to regularly.  Some sources seem to be completely swayed to the side that gamifcation increases digital loyalty.

Needless to say I was thrilled when fellow blogger Jim McKinney  posted about The “Gamification” of PLM.  My excitement was palpable.  To hear him comparing the millions of online gamers to collaborative teams of PLM users across the globe was music to my ears.  A kindred spirit in the midst. 

The ability to collaborate in real time through the web is already enabled through web-based PLM technologies and the Cloud.  But taking it to the next level and promoting innovative design sessions with user-rewards allows us to push the experience further; maybe even make it more fun. 

I agree with Jim that bringing gamifciation concepts to PLM would up the users digital loyalty and increase the collaborative efforts of globally distributed teams.  Ask anyone who works in both engineering or product management who also games; the level of dedication and coordination that happens in a max-level raid instance is comparable to the dedication and coordination required to bring the latest product development brainchild to fruition.

Do I think that anyone is going to allow engineers to build the next space shuttle to the moon or Dreamliner with a video game?  No, at least not yet.  But I do see potential in the gamification of enterprise software leading to greater percentages of user adoption and as a general mind shift from "following a process is just extra work" to the more motivating prospect of fun.  What do you think?

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A while back I posted about gamification and PLM , and the topic is still hot on my mind. But it's