As Knowledge Evolves So Should PLM
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Exploding PLM ThoughtsWelcome back from the long weekend!  Being served up these little doses of freedom just makes coming to work on Tuesday even more special than it usually is.  Even more so when I see so many wonderful PLM articles and blogs are here to greet me.

In case you missed some of the great news over the long weekend, here's a few that caught my eye...

There's Kenneth Wong's article in the June issue of Desktop Engineering talking about all manner of things PLM including how the web spiced it up and knocked it on it's heels from the fancy Mercedes driving, private jet flying, expensive renditions of the past. The bit about affordability reminded me about a posting way back from '09 where Marc Lind talked about PLM Licenses for Everyone and referenced the lines from assertTrue's blog on Seat Based Software Licensing Has To Stop:

The era of million-dollar lump-sum front-weighted CapEx-accounting enterprise software deals is over… Oh sure, there are still million-dollar deals being cut as we speak. It's like the tail of a dead brontosaurus still flailing around, days after the brain has died.

Moving on, there was another new definition of PLM served up by BeyondPLM and then taken further by Real Time Rick since his new job in eProcurement just collided with PLM.  Funny how that seems to be happening more and more.  PLM is no longer just about engineering data management.  Not that it hasn't been for a while, but it truly has branched out to touch every piece of an organization.

And over the weekend fellow blogger PLMJim touched on how PLM can aide displaced manufacturing workers in the US.  After retraining, these workers could focus on innovative products and greater creativity in early design and prototyping; a process supported by PLM through managing the virtual product and supporting innovation.  As Jim states, innovation is a job a machine won't soon take over.

What are your thoughts on the changing face of business, PLM in the news, and evolving knowledge?  How have the last 10 years impacted your PLM experience?

Posted Tue, May 29 2012 3:42 PM by Jennifer