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First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who participated in ACE 2012 Germany, it was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without our supportive Aras Community. The event was held over two days, the first day focused on technical presentations and live demonstrations and the second day focused on PLM trends, user stories and the future of Aras.

The event began with a look at you, the Aras Community. Rolf Laudenbach, Director of the Aras Community, gave an update on community projects, forums, blogs, wikis and the roadmap. He also gave a look at Subscriber only content such as the KnowledgeBase and online learning.

There were presentations about Aras users including F.X. Meiller and Spontech. F. X. Meiller replaced an existing ENOVIA VPLM application with Aras. This migration had 650 GB of CAD data and over 2 million data sets to be automatically transferred into the Aras PLM platform. Now, F.X. Meiller benefits from improved usability, higher performance and reduced PLM maintenance costs.

Rob McAveney, Director of Product Management, gave updates on the browser neutral client, Aras in the cloud and requirements management. The browser neutral client is currently in Beta testing and is expected to be released in the spring of 2013. Aras Spectrum for Microsoft Azure brings massively scalable PLM for companies with complex extended enterprise scenarios with more than 50,000 users!

Don Dodge, Google Developer Relations, gave a fascinating presentation on the platform shift to mobile. Mobile systems, smartphones and tablets, are replacing stationary computers. This will make apps more prevalent in business processes.

ACE 2012 Germany featured numerous live demos including CAD Integration, Reporting Services and Workflows. The event concluded with a final presentation on the Aras Vision and Roadmap which includes: visual collaboration, user interface builder, Aras VPLM, Component Engineering, Manufacturing Process Planning and Application Lifecycle Management.

I want to thank all of the partners who exhibited including: T-Systems, DataSquare, Minerva, PLM-Team, Seeburger, SofTech, Syntel and xPLM.

Take a look at the complete presentations (download PDFs):

Day 1:

Get the Slides → Aras Community

Get the Slides → Browser Neutral Client

Get the Slides → Aras Converter Framework

Get the Slides →Aras Web Pages

Get the Slides → Reporting Services

Get the Slides → Installing Aras

Get the Slides → CAD Integration

Get the Slides → Aras PLM Processes and Tools  

Day 2:

Get the Slides → Aras Momentum Update

Get the Slides → The Mobile Explosion

Get the Slides → Leveraging the Cloud

Get the Slides → F.X. Meiller Use Case

Get the Slides → Engineering the Human Body

Get the Slides → Custom Business Process Management

Get the Slides → Aras Requirements Management

Get the Slides → Aras: What's New

Get the Slides → Aras Deployment Methodology

Get the Slides → Supplier Management

Get the Slides →  Digital Natives and the PAC Study

Get the Slides → Aras Corporate Community

Get the Slides → Aras Visualization Strategy

Get the Slides → Aras Vision and Roadmap

Partner Solutions

Get the Slides → Minerva

Get the Slides → PLM-Team

Get the Slides → Seeburger

Get the Slides → SofTech

Get the Slides → xPLM


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