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ACE 2013 Japan was an overwhelming success with hundreds of attendees from leading companies such as Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, TDK and many more. 

Aras CEO & President, Peter Schroer, kicked off the event with a Keynote presentation, “The Future of PLM.” After taking a look back in the history and current state of PLM, Peter looked ahead to the future emphasizing the value of people in PLM and the need for open, resilient systems.  

Then, Aras Users took the stage.  Hitachi presented on starting their Aras implementation with Document Management. And Korea KOSO showed the audience how they improved process innovation by Integrating PLM with Supply Chain Management (PLSCM).

The afternoon was packed with technical presentations including: Microsoft as a Platform for Engineering and SQL Service Performance Benchmark, a MultiCAD Gateway for Aras Innovator®, Component Engineering for Innovative Products, Aras Innovator for Make-to-Order Design Operation, Aras & SolidWorks EPDM and many others. And back by popular demand, the Solution Showcase gave attendees the opportunity to see the latest Aras solutions in action during live demonstrations. 

The event concluded with a presentation on the Aras Roadmap & Vision. Aras Senior Manager Hiroaki Okubo wowed the audience with an in-depth look at Aras Innovator 9.4, the latest open release from Aras with features TRUaras and establishes Aras as the fastest PLM platform for multi-CAD check in / check out. He also gave a preview of Aras Innovator 10.0 and an inside look at Aras’s plans for Component Engineering, Manufacturing Process Planning, the Connected Cloud and lots more.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to making this event a success. And extend a special thank you to all of our exhibitors, including: ADS, Digital Process, Elysium, Hitachi Systems, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions, Kobleco Systems, Microsoft Japan, SCSK, YDC and Zionex.

Take a look at the complete presentations (download PDFs):

Get the Slides -> Zip of ALL Slides (Note it’s 21MB)

Get the Slides -> Keynote: The Future of PLM

Get the Slides -> Aras - キーノートスピーチ : Future of PLM 

Get the Slides -> Korea KOSO User Story: PLMSCM

Get the Slides -> ユーザー事例紹介 : Korea Kosoにおける受注生産型製品の競争力強化を目指すPLSCM構築事例

Get the Slides -> Hitachi Systems User Story: Starting With Document Management in Aras Innovator

Get the Slides -> ユーザー事例紹介 : Aras Innovator 導入事例のご紹介~ドキュメント管理からはじめるPLMの第一歩~

Get the Slides -> What's New: Vision and Roadmap

Get the Slides -> Aras 最新情報、ロードマップ、ビジョン

Get the Slides -> Aras PLM Template for Connecting Design Information

Get the Slides -> 設計情報を「つなげる」 PLMテンプレート

Get the Slides -> Integration Between PDM and Aras PLM

Get the Slides -> Aras導入の勘所 及び 他PLMシステムとの連携

Get the Slides -> Hitachi Systems - Aras PLM Full-Text Search Document Tree Aras Innovator

Get the Slides -> Aras Innovator で実現する 全文検索とフォルダーツリーの実装

Get the Slides -> ECAD Data Management MCAD Cooperation Aras Innovator

Get the Slides -> Aras Innovatorで実現する 電気設計管理、エレメカ協調設計

Get the Slides -> Aras PLM SolidWorks EPDM Integrated Solution ARAS & SolidWorks EPDM

Get the Slides -> ARAS+SolidWorksEPDMの連携ソリューション

Get the Slides -> Aras Innovator for Make-to-Order Design Operation (SolidWorks Connector)

Get the Slides -> 個別受注設計型業務でのAras Innovator活用 (SolidWorks Connector)

Get the Slides -> Aras PLM Component Engineering for Innovative Products

Get the Slides -> クラウドサービスとArasを連携し、革新的な製品を生み出すコンポーネント・エンジニアリング

Get the Slides -> Microsoft Case Study - MS Platform for Engineering & SQL Performance Benchmark

Get the Slides -> 設計開発の効率化を実現するMicrosoftプラットフォーム活用事例と、PLM環境におけるSQL Server

Get the Slides -> Multi-CAD Gateway for Aras Innovator

Get the Slides -> 異機種CADデータ互換を実現するMultiCAD Gateway for Aras Innovator

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