Looking back at ACE 2015 Europe
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We had ACE 2015 Europe in Berlin Germany this year, and PLM enthusiasts from all over Europe came together to discuss PLM strategy, figure out new approaches and collaborate on best practices. It was a great time and we had our largest crowd yet in Europe!

Our theme was Rethink PLM and we really put the focus on the "business of engineering" as opposed to the science of design. We got good feedback that this was a very different, and positive, emphasis than other PLM conferences people had attended.

The agenda was jam packed with people sharing their ideas and insights, new approaches and lessons learned in order to challenge conventional assumptions about product development, systems engineering, supply chain collaboration, and manufacturing.

Peter Schroer, CEO and founder of Aras, opened the conference with his keynote on “The Business of Engineering.”  He said that it is time to look at PLM not only from the technical side but also on the business side.

We then heard from a wide range of companies that are fundamentally rethinking PLM and reshaping their strategies with Aras including Airbus, BAE Systems, ECCO, UTC Autronica and others.

I'd like to thank everyone who was able to join us and contribute to making ACE 2015 Europe a really great experience.  And we want to give special thanks to our Partner sponsors including T-Systems, AESSiS, CycleOp, Focus PLM, IBM, IHS, ITI, Kisters, Minerva, PROSTEP AG, Softech and XPLM.

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Posted Wed, Dec 2 2015 9:26 AM by Anna