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Welcome to the Ideas section of the Community Projects site. Here you will find ideas for new Community Solutions and active projects without published downloads. If you are looking to download a Community Solution start Browsing Projects now.

You can let the Community know which ideas you like and you can get involved in a discussion about an idea.

You can also submit an idea for a new Community Solution that you would like to develop yourself or encourage someone else to work on.

Synchronize Lifecycle Promotion and Workflow Activity completion Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 4
ItemType and Classification based item_number generation Shiva Chopra thumbsUp 9
Like/Dislike/Comment functionality on Every Aras Item Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Classification based Independent TOC Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 1
Formatted/Mapped output to Excel Brian Pye thumbsUp 24
User defined row height for relationships David Rollinson thumbsUp 12
Project Copy-Paste tsahi hadar thumbsUp 5
Itemtype specific configurable Toolbar Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Fill down on relationship grids Martin Fraser thumbsUp 0
Integrated Structure Broweser/Where Used Sagi Tikotski thumbsUp 8
Save Relationship Item with Related Item David Rollinson thumbsUp 16
View Workflow Process from TOC Main Grid Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Hide and Re-Load Tabs on Demand Rolf Laudenbach thumbsUp 18
View Item History from TOC Main Grid Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Advanced Search based on custom form Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 0
Custom HTML in Form Items David Rollinson thumbsUp 13
Add-On Solution for Basic QS Processes Andreas Ulrich thumbsUp 1
"Busy" icon when aras is busy Scott McCandless thumbsUp 1
Quick Completion of WF and Project Activities Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 2
Unlock item "Permission" Jens Rollenmüller thumbsUp 0
CPG Solution Meir Givon thumbsUp 2
Web-accessible Demo installation Jim Gutterman thumbsUp 1
Requrements Management Solution Add-On Daniel Klose thumbsUp 7
"edit file" method Ronald Valersi thumbsUp 0
Content based Search - For Files in Vault Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 8
Windows Drive for ARAS Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 2
Hidden2 Flag of item in context of Relationship Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 0
Requirements Editor Emil Geißler thumbsUp 3
CDRL Module Schroer Peter thumbsUp 4
Dynamic SignOff Shiva Chopra thumbsUp 0
Provision to add Subtype from an existing type Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Admin Mode when "normal" User is logged in Jens Rollenmüller thumbsUp 0
Freeze Columns in Configurable, Item and Relationship grid Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 2
Provision of Subcategory in Action and Report Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 3
Google like Calendar Implementation Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 4
Python binding for IOM Jason Morgan thumbsUp 3
Subscription to change Brian Pye thumbsUp 4
User defined "Tab Access" for relationships David Rollinson thumbsUp 3
User based Calendar for Project Planning Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Project History tsahi hadar thumbsUp 1
OPEN_KANBAN Rogelio Pedroza thumbsUp 1
ARAS Excel Data Importer Babu Meenakshisundaram thumbsUp 2
Document/File Transmittal Brian Pye thumbsUp 3
Global Searching In Aras Pravin Nalkande thumbsUp 2
Connector to Google Apps Don Stephen thumbsUp 1
Chat functionality in Aras for current loggein Users Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Set Item property as Keyedname Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 0
Reports associated to Item Classification Torkil Pedersen thumbsUp 1
Framework to host custom controls Gopalkrishna Nayak thumbsUp 0
Item links in configurable grids yoann maingon thumbsUp 17
Streamlined interface to add users to identities Brian Pye thumbsUp 4
Reverse Relationship with normal table (No GRID) Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 1
Visual Query builder for ad-hoc reporting Brian Pye thumbsUp 18
Classification-Specific Permissions Chris Yeckel thumbsUp 0
Digital Asset Management Solution Shawn Fernandez thumbsUp 0
InBasket Page can be replaced with Calendar Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 0
Provide HiperLink icon for Item Properties in Edit mode as well Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 0
eMail Link Darryl Poore thumbsUp 1
Embed Excel in ARAS Relationship Grid Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
E-mail alert Subscription Gopalkrishna Nayak thumbsUp 2
Serial Number Tracking, Warantee Claim Managment Danny Northcott (GONE) thumbsUp 0
Easy Google Graphs integration Brian Pye thumbsUp 7
Subversion Integration Schroer Peter thumbsUp 20
Promotion of Related Item from Relationship Grid Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Provision of Item datatype in Workflow Activity Variable Vasant PADHIYAR thumbsUp 1
Aras Dojo Support Torkil Pedersen thumbsUp 1
Generic Multi Level Viewer with configurable columns Brian Pye thumbsUp 3
Be able to select classification prior to form show Sagi Tikotski thumbsUp 6
Bulk Printing/Copying Brian Pye thumbsUp 2
Show value as a Tooltip on TOC and Relationship table Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 1
"Folder Structure" viewer Brian Pye thumbsUp 9
Except Files, replace Lock/Unlock with Edit/Save Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 2
Add view Lifecycle,Workflow on Items right click menu Pravin Nalkande thumbsUp 1
Relations enhanced with Classifications Torkil Pedersen thumbsUp 1
Edit mode and Mass edit from TOC and Relationship table Himanshu Zalavadiya thumbsUp 0