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Aras meets our business needs. The Aras PLM software suite is extremely flexible, so we can easily tailor it to our specifications, and Aras scales up really well.
Dave Rajkumar, IT Applications Manager
PCC Structurals

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CAD Data Management Strategy

CAD data is a key component of product design. CAD data fuels a wide range of downstream processes, including viewing and mark-up, virtual prototyping, work instructions, tech pubs and more.

Unlocking CAD data for the enterprise—with appropriate access permissions and controls—provides a huge advantage for the business and is often a top priority of PLM initiatives. Unfortunately, there are many bumps in the road to successful CAD file management.

Typical Roadblocks to Successful CAD Data Management:

  • Data is isolated in local workgroup management products
  • Designers are wary of sharing data too early in the design process
  • Workflow processes do not accommodate co-design with multiple sites
  • Competition and confusion over ownership between Engineering and IT

Aras CAD Data Management

Aras CAD Data Management provides full CAD IP management within a PLM environment and across a wide range of popular authoring tools.

Benefits of Aras CAD Data Management:

  • Complete CAD data management and change control
  • Greater control of intellectual property
  • A single system for all engineering data
  • Increased accuracy of design information
  • Ability to include CAD data in all PLM processes with full access control
  • Increased innovation due to great engineering efficiencies

Aras CAD Data Management enables organizations to build a thriving CAD integration ecosystem, through which the entire enterprise benefits. The functionality provided by Aras CAD Data Management is organized into 3 Key Business Processes:

  1. CAD Data Managed in Aras - includes standard check in / out capabilities
  2. Automated Part BOM updates from CAD - drives the BOM in Aras based on CAD structure
  3. Enterprise Change Management with CAD Data Visibility - incorporates CAD documents, parts and BOMs in the change process
Aras CAD Data Management

Open Methodology for Multi-CAD Integration

To ensure the highest quality solution for every ECAD and MCAD application, Aras has developed a Standardized CAD Integration Platform and partnered with companies that specialize in the development of CAD integrations to provide CAD Connectors for the PLM Aras PLM environment.

Aras CAD Integration Platform

The Aras CAD Integration Platform features a standard data model for all components along with APIs and method code to ensure consistency among Aras CAD Connectors. Aras CAD Connectors are reviewed for functionality, performance, security, ease of installation and customization, and documentation.

Benefits of Aras CAD Integration Platform:

  • Allows CAD integration partners to focus on what they do best
  • Minimizes the cost of developing integrations, making more integrations available to the Aras Community
  • Enables interoperability between Connectors
  • Supports project-based custom Connectors
  • Reduces cost, installation, administration, training and adoption time for customers
Aras CAD Data Management

True Multi-CAD Integration

The ability to manage a single type of CAD data in PLM is extremely beneficial; however most companies have multiple ECAD and MCAD applications in use at any given time. What’s more, when CAD integrations are isolated, BOMs are incomplete and change management is fragmented.

At Aras, Multi-CAD incorporates both product and process in a standard platform with a full set of connectors for CAD, PDM and ALM applications.

Benefits of Aras Multi-CAD Integration:

  • CAD Data Accessibility Enterprise-wide, even by Non-CAD Users
  • Effective Part and CAD Change Processes Across Discipline
  • Unified BOM Tracking with Clear Ownership of CAD Data by Discipline
  • Comprehensive Data Exchange and Digital Mock-up Processes