Aras has the full range of functionality we want, the integration capabilities we need and a proven track-record.
Chrystal Johnson, VP of IS
American Italian Pasta Company

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Hosting Aras - You're in Control

Aras's pure Web architecture supports a wide variety of deployment scenarios, giving you the flexibility to deploy Aras in your corporate data center, with a traditional hosting provider, or in a hybrid configuration.

For example, a hybrid configuration can include one or more file vaults on-premise behind your company's firewall with database and application servers at the hosting provider. Other hybrid scenario options are available as well. Contact Aras to discuss your deployment options.

Aras Hosting Options:

  • In your data center - The most popular option, running Aras in your data center provides you with total control and enables you to leverage the IT resources you've already invested in.
  • At your corporate hosting provider - Third-party or managed hosting providers such as IBM, CSC, Navisite or your preferred provider can help you save on capital expenditures for IT and reduce the internal IT resources needed.
  • In your preferred private cloud - The cloud-ready architecture of Aras is highly scalable and secure and is ideally suited for deployment in your company's private cloud or in a private cloud offered by your global systems integrator of choice.
  • In the Azure cloud - For massive scalability and high performance in global deployments with extended enterprise scenarios, Aras offers Aras Spectrum™ on Microsoft Azure.

The decision to run Aras in-house, hosted, or in a combined hybrid approach depends on the needs and priorities of your business.

Whichever option you choose, the advanced Aras platform delivers the compliance-grade secure you need with the greatest scalability and fastest performance available.