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Jim Whitehurst, CEO

CAD Data Management Strategy |

Multi-CAD Connectors

The Aras CAD Data Management Strategy combines a Standardized CAD Integration Platform with CAD Connectors developed by Aras partners that specialize in the development of CAD integrations.

Aras CAD Connectors include:

  • Mechanical PDM
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Electronic CAD
  • Electrical CAD
  • Software / Firmware ALM
Aras Multi-CAD Connectors

Aras CAD Connectors give businesses the integration they need with the control they require. Each discipline manages its own design and documents and items are checked in / out of Aras. Once checked in to Aras, data is pushed into a unified BOM where Aras tracks and manages the data from all the different disciplines.

Key Features & Functionality:

  • Enterprise CAD Data Access - Direct access to CAD viewable files such as PDF from the part item with minimal navigation hassles
  • Data Ownership by Discipline - Entries within the unified BOM are tracked automatically by discipline to avoid conflicts
  • Automated & Manual BOM Updates - Automatic BOM updates / redlines configurable by discipline. Additions, removals and quantity changes are driven from the CAD model. Manual components such as bulk materials can also be added and will not be overridden by future automated updates from CAD.
  • Unified Part / CAD Change Process - CAD Documents and Parts as separate Affected Items allows them to be changed together or independently in special cases.
  • Data Exchange - Advanced file management and file conversion supports the ability to get the necessary data to where it needs to go, in the right format.