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Open Source, Aras Style

Corporate adoption of open source has grown significantly over the past decade. Open source products such as Linux, JBoss and Apache offer undisputed advantages in capability, control and cost, and have become the basis for mission critical systems at companies around the world.

At Aras we recognized that these same advantages were desperately needed for business applications such as PLM. We also understood the additional requirements that would be important to ensure corporate confidence at the application layer.

Our approach was to combine multiple software formats, OSI-compliant open source, community source and commercial platforms, in a mixed source structure to provide the assurance necessary for business-critical solutions while delivering the flexibility for collaborative innovation. We call it enterprise open source.

Enterprise Open Source: By Business, For Business

The benefits of the enterprise open source approach that we use include freedom from licensing expenses for PLM and complete control over your enterprise PLM solution along with all the benefits of corporate collaboration, such as process improvements, solution enhancements and best practices sharing.

Aras Enterprise Open Source

  • No PLM License Fees
  • Advanced Technology
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Community Solution Framework
  • Commercial Platforms

Open Source Solutions

The source for the Aras solutions is governed by OSI compliant licenses and is freely available to everyone for use, modification and redistribution. With Aras you have full control over your enterprise applications including the data model / schema, business rules, definition of workflows, lifecycles, forms and more.

And participation is always optional. Aras open source projects use permissive licenses that do not require you to contribute back source code. If your company implements competitive practices, you can keep them absolutely private.

Corporate Benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Extendable
  • Collaborative
Aras Enterprise Open Source

Community Source Framework

The underlying enterprise application framework is also freely available with no software license fees, however, the download is a compiled binary. The source code is distributed as community source which means it is available to a defined community.

This format provides the managed predictability and security required by your global IT organization while giving you complete control over your destiny.

Corporate Benefits:

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Managed

Standard Commercial Platforms

Our format relies on commonly available infrastructure software that is widely used and qualified in the enterprise. In our case, we currently utilize the Microsoft products: SQL Server, .NET and Windows Server.

Most companies already have buying agreements in place with Microsoft and have the IT skill sets on staff which makes it easy for them to use our solutions.

Corporate Benefits:

  • Proven
  • Trusted
  • Qualified

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