Because Aras is a web-based solution, managers can see the status of any project, at any time, from any location and so can our president. And our president can tell if a project has stalled, where it’s stalled and why. We simply didn’t have that information before.
Kevin Friske, Database Administrator
MiTek Corporation

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Aras provides several options for companies to use Microsoft SharePoint for enterprise PLM.

SharePoint Connector

Every download of Aras Innovator includes a standard integration connector to SharePoint Document Libraries. This enables you to have check-in / check-out of files from Aras Innovator directly to SharePoint.

Document Libraries can be made available on any business item within Aras Innovator including Parts, Documents, BOMs and other forms. SharePoint can be used as a simple collaboration workspace within PLM or configured as the PLM vault.

SharePoint PLM

SharePoint PLM is an open source solution project on the Microsoft Codeplex site that is developed as a joint initiative which is funded and co-developed by Microsoft, Aras, Actify and Razorleaf.

SharePoint PLM is ideal for global enterprises with corporate-wide SharePoint initiatives that need to provide thousands of users across the extended enterprise with easy and secure access to PLM processes and 3D product information.

The SharePoint PLM solution enables comprehensive enterprise PLM functionality within SharePoint. Benefits include:

  • No additional PLM licenses needed
  • Easy-to-use, Full Featured, more than just browse
  • Integrated 3D viewing capabilities using SilverLight
  • Includes searching and viewing of product information
  • Enterprise social capabilities in PLM context
  • Enable secure collaboration across extended enterprise
  • Provides KPI metrics, dashboards, scorecards, reports for executive visibility & decision making
  • Commercially available MCAD and ECAD/EDA integration connectors available

PLM data management and workflows in SharePoint are enabled with Aras and 3D visualization in SilverLight is enabled by Actify for a truly collaborative decision making process.

The open source SharePoint PLM solution is available from Microsoft Codeplex at

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