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Features & Benefits

Aras PLM Academic Program

Working with Aras technology, students can explore the many applications of PLM, realize its versatility and understand the benefits PLM offers in product innovation, design, development and management.

Students in the AAP are part of the Aras Community. They can share their projects and have access to contributions designed by industry-leading companies, including Xerox, Motorola, GE, Boeing, Carestream Health, Freudenberg, Mitsubishi and Lockheed Martin.

Institutions with an Aras Academic Subscription get access to Aras Innovator® , the most advanced PLM software available today, at no charge.

Academic Subscribers also get all service packs and bug fixes as well as access to the Aras Subscriber Portal, which features subscriber-only content, online training and more. Discounts apply for Aras Commercial Subscriptions.

The benefits of an Aras Academic Subscription include:

  • Unlimited access to advanced PLM software that is flexible, adaptable, open and free.
  • The opportunity to introduce students to PLM with one of the most robust, yet easy to use, solutions on the market.
  • Participation in the Aras Community, including access to innovative projects and ideas so instructors can create the optimal solution for their curriculum.
  • The promotion of your institution and its projects on, giving students, the program and the institution greater visibility.
  • Students that are well-versed in PLM and prepared to transition into the professional workforce of leading companies around the world.

There are many ways that Aras can be applied at your institution, including:

  • Research into product development concepts and processes.
  • Instructional aid for teaching PLM and product development concepts.
  • Instructional aid for teaching model-based SOA programming concepts.
  • Joint development projects with the Aras community (Aras, our partners and end users).
  • Development of add-ons, enhancements and new solutions based on the Aras framework.
  • Deployment of internal business applications such as document management, business process management and business database applications for the business of your institution.

Aras is committed to educating a new generation of students who are experienced with PLM when entering the business world. To learn more about our technology and the Academic Program, explore the Useful Links on this page. To join the Academic Program go to the Getting Started page and follow the simple steps listed there.