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With Aras, internal infrastructure is easy; I don’t have to worry about it. Allowing other people in the company to log in is easy too; I don’t have to worry about that either. And administration is trivial; Aras is the only PLM solution the market that is a true Web application.
Jay Patel, President

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What happens when you combine advanced technology with an innovative business model? Aras happens.

The Aras Difference:

  • Provide a full-blown PLM solution out-of-the-box and make it easy to modify
  • Use flexible, modern technology that adapts to the user, not the other way around
  • Eliminate all PLM license fees and the hassles that go with them
  • Get rid of the sales people; they never really understood your needs anyway
  • Back it all up with world class service and support

The Old Way Doesn't Work

There's a big imbalance in the traditional PLM vendor / customer relationship. It goes like this: you, the buyer, pay a huge amount of money up-front and in return your PLM implementation takes months or years to complete; your data - your IP - is locked down, locked in and out of your control; and your company is at the mercy of the PLM vendor for new features and capabilities.

Sound familiar? Add the constant pressure to buy more PLM licenses and you've got a contentious relationship between PLM buyer and PLM vendor. We knew there had to be a better way and we found it in the enterprise open source model.

Aras is Different

Aras takes a very different approach to PLM. We combined enterprise open source solutions with advanced model-based SOA technology to deliver a highly scalable, flexible and secure PLM solution suite. Our extensive out-of-the-box functionality and modern Web architecture enable you to deploy quickly and continuously enhance your PLM environment in a fraction of the time required by conventional enterprise PLM / PDM systems and at a Total Cost of Ownership far below that of any leading competitor.

And there are no PLM software licenses to buy - ever. No named license schemas that charge for each user to access each module. No big, up-front PLM license expense. No spending a fortune on licenses for the thousands of people that only log on periodically. We give you complete access for unlimited users with no PLM license costs.

No Hassles

We know that technology and licensing are only part of the challenge. As executives and technologists who once worked for the other major PLM providers, we too were tired of the pushy PLM sales approach. That's why we got rid of the traditional sales force and instead of pressuring you to buy something, we simply:

  • Help you understand how powerful and easy Aras is to deploy, use and maintain
  • Encourage you to prove out Aras at your company and see the difference for yourself
  • Offer a range of enterprise service options to help your company achieve success at your own pace

At Aras, we have a long history in the PLM business and we understand the complexity involved in enterprise-wide PLM projects. We're committed to helping you deliver results and we have built a winning company by establishing genuine relationships with customers who like doing business with us.

What's more, our enterprise open source model provides thousands of companies around the world with a PLM software solution that they would be unable to afford otherwise. In an industry that counts every penny from each named user, is that different? We think so - and we believe you will as well.