Deploy Aras in Your Business

Implementing PLM doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with Aras, it's easier than you think. We take an Agile, iterative approach to PLM implementation that's unique among PLM providers. So instead of spending months developing detailed functional specifications, you start with a well-defined problem and implement the solution in manageable phases.

With each phase completed in 60-120 days, you're putting real solutions in the hands of your users sooner, generating momentum among the project team and showing tangible business results to stakeholders and executives on an ongoing basis.

Watch the video to hear Aras users describe their success with a "small-wins" implementation approach. Then read on to learn how to ensure that your PLM implementation is a success.

Keys To A Successful PLM Implementation:

  • Start with a well-defined problem and implement the solution in manageable phases that comprise the complete project
  • Gather requirements at a high level. Plan near term phases in detail and longer term phases more loosely as they will likely change in scope over time
  • Involve users early and often. Users drive requirements, develop use cases, validate prototypes and more
  • Don't underestimate the value of training. Train your team early in the process so they are familiar with Aras
  • Test. Test. And test again. Create visual and behavioral prototypes to test and validate with users

Resources to Get You Started

Deploy Aras PLM

Installing Aras Innovator

Watch this short, 20 minute video to find out what you need to know before you click “install” and how to start your implementation off right.

Deploy Aras PLM

Aras Implementation Methodology

Download this report and get step-by-step best practices for implementing the Aras PLM solution suite from the Aras pros.

Lear: Implementation Highlights

See how Lear Corporation, a leading global automotive supplier, is using Aras PLM to improve product development worldwide, across 35 different locations.