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Aras Community for Automotive Innovation

The Aras Community for Automotive Innovation is dedicated to the advancement of automotive innovation and best-in-class enabling technologies worldwide.

Often times, great opportunities come with big challenges. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the automotive industry. In just the past few years, what was primarily an integration of mechanical systems has evolved into a complex configuration of energy devices, electronics, software, mechanical components, firmware and more. Combined with the rapidly emerging vehicle integration services required for Connected Vehicles, automotive OEMs and their suppliers will face even greater challenges associated with advanced product and process innovation.

To address these challenges, we have established the Aras Community for Automotive Innovation. The Aras Community for Automotive Innovation (CAI) combines our advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) platform and open architecture with knowledgeable, specialized resources to provide automotive OEMs and suppliers around the world with best-in-class enterprise solutions to drive innovation and advance the development, implementation and adoption of emerging vehicle technology.

In keeping with our open approach, our mission is to collaborate with the automotive community to define and develop an open, standards-based global product development platform that:

  • Enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to be more agile and responsive to tomorrow’s technologies
  • Eliminates the challenges common in proprietary, legacy PLM technologies
  • Creates an environment for continuous input, feedback and improvement.

Aras CAI Initiatives Include:

  • Requirements for next generation global product development
  • Open innovation of business process, use cases and data models
  • Reference architectures, including infrastructure and security
  • Focal point for industry coordination
  • Proof of concepts & demos
  • Best practices sharing

The CAI and its members work collaboratively cross-industry to drive the development of a world-class product development platform that meets the unique needs of the automotive industry, now and in the future. Learn more about the Aras CAI and / or become a member of our Customer Advisory Board.