Leverage Global Resources to Improve Time to Market, Product Quality and Customer Responsiveness

Consumer Goods Industry Status

Faced with increasing customer demands, shorter and shorter cycle times, fierce global competition, thinner margins and greater regulatory controls, Consumer Goods companies need solutions that simplify operations, speed product development and optimize product cost structures.

A Resilient Approach to PLM

The CPG industry benefits from resilient PLM which lets them respond regardless of critical shifts like changing business models, entering new markets, or acquiring other companies. PLM software from Aras makes process changes necessary for systems-driven product development possible without lots of custom programming or new modules to buy.

Together the scalable, adaptable, flexible, and upgradable combination of Aras Innovator make PLM more sustainable, which leads to a lower cost of ownership. Now CPG companies can readily adapt to evolving business requirements and easily handle dynamic requirement changes.

The Aras Value for Consumer Goods

We've developed solutions specifically for Consumer Goods companies to develop better products faster, respond to continuously changing market conditions and optimize supply chain collaboration.

  • Best Practices for Global Product Development, including Design Anywhere / Build Anywhere capabilities, SKU Management, Line Management and Line Planning
  • Standards, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, including RoHS / WEEE
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics, including Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards and KPI Metrics
  • Highly Secure, Easy to Use Web-based Environment with Intuitive Microsoft Look and Feel

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