Develop Next Generation Energy Solutions while Ensuring Global Compliance

Energy Industry Status

Energy companies of all types are under enormous pressure to develop and adopt green tech / clean tech sustainable solutions while maintaining aged, existing infrastructures.

And they must deliver those solutions across globally distributed supply chains despite highly volatile pricing and stringent environmental, safety and government regulations.

Tomorrow's New Products


Read about the Aras Approach to PLM, PDM

To help create tomorrow’s new products, the energy sector turns to PLM that adapts to a changing environment to efficiently manage enterprise bill of materials (BOM), supply chain processes, embedded software, quality, and more, from the conceptual design phase and out into the field.

With integrations for PDM, ALM, ECAD, MCAD, ERP, and more, the Aras platform enables a true digital thread to be constructed and maintained, one that stays up-to-date throughout the product lifecycle, no matter the number of versions a part goes through.

The Aras Value for Energy

We've developed solutions specifically for Energy companies to deliver quality products that respond to evolving energy demands while managing costs and competitive advantage in global markets.

  • Best Practices for Global Product Management, including Formulation Management, Document Management and Traceability, Audit Compliance and Corrective Action
  • Standards, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, including Safety, Green Tech / Clean Tech and other Environmental Requirements
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics, including Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards and KPI Metrics
  • Innovative, Easy to Use Web-based Environment with Intuitive Microsoft Look and Feel

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