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PLM Software - March 2017
Even more surprising is the announcement from Aras CEO Peter Schroer that the company has appointed Tony Affuso, Siemens PLM's former CEO and a seasoned PLM expert, to its Board of Directors. Tony Affuso was the one responsible for pushing through the deal in which Siemens acquired UGS. This purchase added NX and I-deas (high end CAD), Solid Edge (mainstream CAD), Teamcenter (PDM/PLM), Nastran and Femap (CAE), Tecnomatix and more to the Siemens portfolio.
PLM Software Monoist
Monoist - March 2017
アラスジャパンは、日立産機システムが製品ポートフォリオにおける図面、データ、設計、製造プロセス管理を標準化するため、PLMソフトウェアとして「Aras Innovator」を選択したと発表した。
PLM Software Techfactory
Techfactory - March 2017
ArasのPLMソフトウェア「Aras Innovator」が日立産機システムに採用された。日本、タイ、中国の主要生産工場で活用し、受注生産プロセスの改善、変更管理オペレーションの効率化、製品開発管理の標準化を目指すという。

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March 21, 2017
Enables quality professionals to quickly execute closed-loop CAPA and initiate enterprise-wide product change
March 13, 2017
Industrial equipment manufacturer selects Aras for platform flexibility, effective data integration and ease of customization
February 23, 2017
Leading product development, IT, and manufacturing teams to exchange best practices for IoT, Digital Thread, and digital transformation in Nashville
February 7, 2017
Leading Automotive and Industrial Supplier Enables Integration of IoT data and creation of Digital Thread with Aras PLM Platform