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PLM Software TenLinks
TenLinks - July 2015
Out-of-the-box functional requirements included data & document management, lifecycle management, change management, project management and access rights management for security. IS architecture requirements included deployability, connectors, migration & data loading, and support, along with back-end & front-end IT capabilities.
PLM Software CIMdata
CIMdata - July 2015
“Our success with the deployment of Test Information Management for aircraft end-to-end across the structural test pyramid in multi-site operation including our extended enterprise proved the viability of Aras for complex engineering business processes,” said Anders Romare, Vice President, Engineering Solutions at Airbus. “The unique SaaS subscription business model of Aras which eliminates up-front license costs and includes system upgrades with customizations is also quite compelling.”
PLM Software Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering - June 2015
Breton is using Aras for document management, technical BOM (bill of materials) management, product knowledge management and configuration management. The company’s current Aras system manages 7TB of Breton data, including 150,000 parts, 250,000 CAD documents and 450,000 BOM relationships.

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July 2, 2015
Offene Architektur, Anpassungen und Upgrades, Out-of-the-Box-Funktionalität und langfristige Funktionsfähigkeit sind Schlüsselkriterien bei der Entscheidung von Airbus für Aras
July 2, 2015
Industry leaders to share PLM Strategy and Best Practices
July 1, 2015
Global Producer of Automotive and Industrial Transmission Systems Drives Engineering Collaboration across Several Continents
June 30, 2015
Open Architecture, Ability to Customize and Upgrade, Out-of-the-Box Functionality and Long Term Viability are Key Criteria in Airbus Selection of Aras
June 25, 2015
Innovativer Designer und Hersteller von Abgasanlagen integriert mit Aras fragmentierte Daten und macht Prozesse transparent