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PLM Software Technology Evaluation Centers
Technology Evaluation Centers - February 2015
Aras recently announced general availability of Aras Innovator 11, which introduces visual collaboration that uses social technology within the product lifecycle management (PLM) software platform. These new capabilities aim to enable teams from engineering, operations, quality, and the supply chain to collaborate more effectively, to solve problems faster across organizations and dispersed locations.
PLM Software ZDNet Japan
ZDNet Japan - February 2015
米Arasは1月28日、エンタープライズプロダクトライフサイクルマネジメント(PLM)ソフトウェア「Aras Innovator 11」向けのモバイルタブレットアプリケーション「Aras Flow」をリリースすると発表した。同アプリはWindowsストアより無償で入手できる。変更ワークフローとディスカッションへのコメント、可視化などの機能をモバイル環境に実装した。
PLM Software CIMdata
CIMdata - February 2015
Enabling visual collaboration for all PLM users with no added charges and including mobile is significant, and should help to finally capture the “why” of design intent along with other product-related decisions across the lifecycle. The underlying secure social technology is exceptional in the PLM space and CIMdata sees Aras once again disrupting the status quo.

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March 4, 2015
PLM Platform to Bring Efficiencies and Structured Process in Design-to-Manufacturing
January 28, 2015
Neue App für Windows 8 Tablets beschleunigt die Produktentwicklung durch Funktionen für die visuelle Zusammenarbeit
January 28, 2015
Erweiterte Funktionen für die visuelle Zusammenarbeit nutzen neue Secure Social Technologie von Aras. Unternehmen steigern ihr Innovationstempo, verbessern die organisationsweite Zusammenarbeit sowie die Integration der Lieferkette.
January 28, 2015
New Windows 8 Mobile Tablet App Helps Companies Accelerate Product Realization with Visual Collaboration
January 28, 2015
Increases the Pace of Innovation Enabling Greater Participation Across Organizations and Supply Chains