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PLM Software Monoist
Monoist - September 2016
PLM Software CIMdata
CIMdata - September 2016
After an evaluation of multiple PLM, PDM, and CMS products, Airbus selected Aras as the enabling technology for the Greenhouse. Because the Aras platform is quite flexible, scalable, and upgradable it supports the Agile implementation process used and provides predictable ownership costs because custom applications can be upgraded easily. Easy and open integration to other systems within the company was also important because the IT team would maintain their use of some of the existing systems for PLM outside the Greenhouse initiative, treating PDM light as a complimentary environment.
PLM Software TenLinks
TenLinks - September 2016
The conference brings together industry and technology leaders to connect and collaborate on strategies to address the growing complexity in global product development, systems engineering, manufacturing, quality and the supply chain.

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September 26, 2016
Leading Military Shipbuilder Chooses Flexible, Scalable, Upgradable Product Lifecycle Management Platform
September 13, 2016
Aras Presentation entitled “Configuration Management and the Business of Engineering” Addresses Challenges of Increasing Product Complexity, Connectivity
September 8, 2016
Industry Leaders Discuss PLM strategy at ACE 2016 Europe November 8-9 in Berlin, Germany
September 1, 2016
Platform approach drives digital transformation of the business of engineering to support Industry 4.0
August 29, 2016
Global electronics manufacturer streamlines file management and version control