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Trubiquity is a leading global provider of MFT (managed file transfer), process automation and integration solutions for 6,500 companies with 60,000 users in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare and consumer goods industries. For more than 25 years, Trubiquity solutions have helped world class companies and partners better communicate, collaborate, integrate and automate business critical data ensuring security and compliance with rigorous international standards. Trubiquity is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA, with facilities in Carlsbad, California and international offices in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Trubiquity's MFT solutions make it easy to:

  • Digitally move files from one location to another
  • Track file movement, see who has been editing or moving files and determine the most current version of a document
  • Transfer information between incompatible platforms or applications
  • Work with files from a wide range of formats


Together, Aras and Trubiquity offer TRUaras, a Cloud service embedded in the Aras platform for managed file transfers (MFT). With TRUaras, users can securely share and exchange large CAD files, technical data packages, manufacturing data, inspection and test results, and other intellectual property with full tracking and traceability. TRUaras brings compliance-grade file exchange directly into the PLM workflow, making it ideal for global enterprises seeking to simplify secure collaboration with customers, suppliers, outsourced manufacturing and contract manufacturing partners.

Location: Europe, United States, Canada, Africa, Japan, Asia Pacific, China, Russia, India, Middle East, South America, Latin America, Korea, Taiwan

Type: Solutions

Industry: Auto, Aerospace, Defense, High Tech, Industrial Equipment



Tel: Phone: +1 248 833-9000

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