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Environmental Compliance/ROHS Add-On

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Environmental Compliance/ROHS Add-On

This functionality adds environmental compliance tracking and reporting, to help users comply with the ROHS directive.

The PLM Package is required in order for this package to run properly

Project Info

Owner: Peter Schroer

License: Microsoft Public License
Supported Versions: 8.1.1, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3

Original Idea: Peter Schroer

Created on: December 28, 2007

Last Modified on: April 3, 2017

Status:  Registered
Verified:  No

Type:  Open Source
Aras Community Status Definition
As-Is: This solution is "what you see is what you get". Projects with builds that have not been submitted for review are "As-is", as are projects that were submitted for review but failed to meet approval criteria.
Registered: This solution is registered with Aras and has been reviewed to ensure that no namespace conflicts occur with other Registered, Certified or Managed solutions.
Certified: This solution has been reviewed by Aras and complies with the certification criteria. Support for this solution is provided by the contributing organization.
Managed: This solution is managed directly by the Aras Test Release Process, and hotline support is available from Aras for Aras Premier and Aras Essential subscribers.
Aras Community "Verified" Definition
Verified: The Solution has been confirmed by Aras Corp as being used in production at a company
Aras Community "Type" Definition
Open Source: The project software is available to anyone. It may be downloaded and used for no charge. Each project has a license agreement controlling the usage.
Free/Freemium: Freely available solution that can be used and is not open source. Free/Freemium solutions may also have an optional premium version available for purchase that delivers advanced features, functionality, and capabilities.
Trial: This solution is available for evaluation and will time out after a certain time period. The Enterprise version is available for purchase for continued use.
Subscriber Only: This solution may only be used by companies with an active Aras Subscription.

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