Aras solutions are designed to meet your needs and get you working more productively and as quickly as possible. Our solutions are built on common technology so you can start where you need and add capabilities over time.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) With Aras

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Organizations with complex products and processes need to manage the entire product lifecycle from concept through end of life working across functions and supply chain partners.

PLM with Aras enables organizations to develop consistent, repeatable processes to optimize resources, minimize errors and reduce time to market leading to increased revenues and profitability.

Bill Of Materials

Ensure consistency of BoM structures by performing automatic updates based on relevant CAD model structures.


Ensuring that all team members, suppliers and manufacturers have visibility of the change status minimizes errors and reduces costs and delays.


Providing visibility into projects and programs, enabling enterprise organizations to plan and manage resources, mediate risk and maximize profitability.
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Product Data Management (PDM) With Aras

Product Data Management (PDM)

Organizations making significant use of CAD authoring tools need to securely manage the CAD data along with associated parts and bills of material (BOMs). PDM with Aras manages the lifecycle of CAD information and the extraction and synchronization of parts and BOMs.

In addition, all CAD files are stored in a secure repository and are easily accessible by all users via secure visual collaboration capabilities, avoiding errors and eliminating delays.

CAD Integration

Securing CAD data and making it available to other users accelerates development and reduces errors.

Office Integration

Making Microsoft Office documents secure and easy to find eliminates delays and keeps everyone on track.

Visual Collaboration

Enabling all users to view, markup and discuss CAD designs and documents helps teams make better decisions in less time.
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Platform With Aras


Organizations with unique business processes need to configure their PLM system to meet their requirements. Aras is designed from the outset to provide this flexibility, allowing organizations to easily customize and extend existing PLM applications or build their own, providing the business support they need quickly and easily.


Aras applications can be customized to meet the unique needs of every organization, maximizing the benefits.


Aras applications can be extended to cover additional business needs and drive incremental benefits.


The Aras Platform can be used to build completely new applications supporting unique business needs and driving additional value.
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