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VPLM for Autodesk Vault

Aras VPLM for Autodesk Vault

Built on top of Autodesk® Vault Professional, Aras VPLM is a full-featured, business-ready solution for Product Lifecycle Management that drives cross-functional collaboration and extends engineering business processes throughout the company and the extended supply chain.

  • Turns your Autodesk Vault BOM into a true cross-discipline Bill of Materials that's ready for release to manufacturing
  • Enables you to leverage business process management to streamline changes and achieve a single, standardized change process enterprise-wide
  • Seamlessly connects parts, BOMs, CAD documents, drawings, suppliers and other product-related items into the project plan as deliverables & milestones for team collaboration
  • Includes project portfolio management dashboards for visibility

Scalable and secure, Aras VPLM delivers powerful capabilities highly sought-after by Autodesk users, including: Engineering BOM Management, Enterprise Change, Integrated Project Management and much more.

Aras VPLM for Autodesk Vault:

  • Feature-rich right out of the box, providing industry best practices you can take advantage of immediately
  • Item-based, Process-Oriented and ready to handle the most complex PLM requirements
  • Fully Web-based for globally distributed access, across your company and your supplier
  • All-Microsoft technologies just like Autodesk Vault
  • Highly scalable and secure for corporate-wide, multi-site implementations
  • Familiar Look and Feel, making it easy for users throughout the company to learn and use
  • Built right on top of Autodesk Vault Professional, making it the ideal choice for companies that run Autodesk applications

Aras VPLM Features:

  • Item-based BOM
  • Multi-level Indented BOMs
  • Revision & Version Control
  • BOM Redlining
  • Classification & Lifecycles
  • Alternates & Substitutes
  • Effectivity
  • Baselines
  • Make vs. Buy Parts
  • Approved Vendor / Manufacturer List (AVL / AML)
  • Requirements Management
  • Where-Used
  • Flat Parts Lists
  • Multiple Affected Items
  • Impact Analysis
  • Email Notifications & Alerts
  • Role-based Assignments
  • Escalation and Delegation
  • Configurable Security
  • Real-time Status Visibility
  • Audit Trail
  • Project Portfolio Dashboard
  • Stage-Gate Project Management
  • Project Collaboration Workspaces
  • Reports, Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Comprehensive Customization & Integration Capabilities
  • & much more

Learn more about Aras VPLM for Autodesk Vault at www.aras-vplm.com