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Infor PLM Accelerate - powered by aras

Infor PLM Innovator powered by aras

Accelerate Product Realization

Infor PLM Accelerate - powered by aras - provides a full-featured, highly scalable, flexible and secure PLM solution built on industry best practices that easily adapts to your company’s changing business practices.

Seamlessly integrated with Infor ERP, Infor PLM Accelerate goes beyond the capabilities of standalone PLM products, to unite your entire product lifecycle for a single view of the truth, which provides actionable information from design and manufacturing to purchasing, quality, the supply chain and beyond.

  • Drive product innovation - Infor PLM Accelerate drives product realization by putting information in the hands of the people who need it – from ideation and requirements planning, to concept development, design, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and others across the product lifecycle.
  • Respond to changing markets - Infor PLM Accelerate is designed for change so you can keep pace with fast moving market conditions, respond immediately to changes in supply chain operations, adhere to ever-evolving compliance and regulatory standards, and meet the needs of your customers, now and into the future.
  • Reduce costs - With Infor PLM Accelerate you'll gain real-time visibility into projects and processes, and make better, more informed business decisions. You'll decrease cycle times for new product introductions, improve reuse, and have fewer systems to maintain. And you will reduce scrap and rework while eliminating waste by improving communication, collaboration and data flow throughout the enterprise and supply chain.

Benefits of Infor PLM Accelerate - powered by aras

  • Shorten development cycles to deliver new products faster
  • Improve new product introduction coordination to reduce costs
  • Achieve better quality by optimizing design reuse from qualified suppliers
  • Streamline the hand-offs between product development, manufacturing and purchasing
  • Make better design change decisions that take into account on-hand inventory
  • Unite your entire product lifecycle to provide executive visibility
  • Eliminate point systems and simplify IT management

Highlights of Infor PLM Accelerate - powered by aras

  • Architecture - a single, modern web framework with an open architecture and out-of-the-box solutions that extend beyond product data management to provide end-to-end product lifecycle management throughout the enterprise and extended supply chain.
  • Modeling Engine - A highly configurable modeling engine enables you to take out of the box best practice solution templates and adapt them to your specific business needs, implementing your own business processes, business logic, data schema and user interfaces.
  • Customization - Drag and drop customization enables on-the-fly changes with real-time responsiveness that changes at the speed of business.
  • Scalability - Scales up and scales out. Add tens of thousands of users and suppliers, acquire new companies every month, bring on dozens of new sites and business partners or manage petabytes of complex CAD data and documentation.
  • Security - Built-in compliance-grade security, highly configurable with customizable role-based permissions, authentication and access control functionality. Active Directory integration assures security while enabling you to share information across the enterprise and with suppliers, partners and customers confidently.