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Finding good information fast was a real challenge. With information in so many different places, we would spend a lot of time finding and extracting what we needed and then, in some cases, reformatting it for readability and reporting. Regulatory and consumer affairs also require regular audits and reporting and, at the time, those were time consuming to pull together. Now with Aras there's no more laborious digging for essential data elements. It’s so user-friendly, we now have other departments asking for access to the system.
Jayne Hoover, Vice President of Quality and R&D
American Italian Pasta Company

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Maintenance and Calibration

Aras Maintenance and Calibration
Aras Maintenance and Calibration is a Community-developed solution that makes it easy to manage maintenance and calibration records for mission-critical tools, gauges and fixtures.

Maintenance and Calibration:

  • Track inventory of serialized tools and gauges
  • Achieve and maintain ISO requirements for calibration and tool development
  • Ensure product quality standards