Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Aras

Global Business, Complex Products

To meet the challenges of today's global business environment, organizations with complex products and processes need to manage the entire product lifecycle from concept through end of life, working across functions and supply chain partners. Additionally they must ensure they are able to respond quickly to market opportunities as well as changes in technology and customer requirements.

PLM That Meets the Challenge

PLM with Aras enables organizations to develop consistent, repeatable processes that extend through the product lifecycle and enable collaboration across system disciplines and the supply chain. PLM with Aras is highly flexible, allowing organizations to tailor business processes to their specific requirements.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) With Aras

Benefits of Aras

Organizations using PLM with Aras benefit from optimized collaboration and consistent business processes. In addition, PLM with Aras provides an accurate "system of record", ensuring all users have access to the correct information.

PLM with Aras allows organizations to optimize use of resources, minimize costly errors and reduce time to market leading to increased revenues and profitability.

Related Capabilities

ALM Integration

Creates complete system view of multidisciplinary products by linking embedded software deliverables into enterprise processes while source code is managed in ALM.

Bill Of Materials

Manage complex BOM structures across mechanical, electronics and software through the lifecycle to assure consistency and control.


Ensuring that all team members, suppliers and manufacturers have visibility of the change status minimizes errors and reduces costs and delays.

Component Engineering

Simplifies selection, approval, sourcing and compliance for externally sourced electronic components.

Configuration Management

Provides a comprehensive closed-loop system using CMII and CMPIC certified methods for managing the configuration of a product or system throughout its life.


Provides document management including version and change control for files in multiple formats in a secure, searchable repository.


Ensure consistency of information by automatically managing relationships between part items and relevant CAD models, drawings.

PDM Integration

While Aras provides full PDM capabilities, integration with other PDM environments which manage CAD, parts, BOMs and documents is also available.


Providing visibility into projects and programs, enabling enterprise organizations to plan and manage resources, mediate risk and maximize profitability.


Uses APQP and FMEA tools to manage risk, improve quality and achieve compliance with standards including TS/16949, AS9100, FDA QSR, and more.


Enables the creation of a single, multi-discipline requirements hierarchy, critical for designing complex products which combine hardware and software.

Systems Engineering

Provides management of the lifecycle of complex multi-disciplinary products from requirements, through development, manufacture and support.

Technical Publications

Enables cross-discipline authoring, visualization, sharing and publishing of topics-based, modular documentation within a secure, managed environment.