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Honestly if I had to make a choice I would go with an open-source system because once a customer implements it they own it entirely.
Marc Halpern, VP Research for PLM
Gartner - CATIA Community interview in April 2010

Aras Standards | CMII Software

CMII principles are the Configuration & Change Management enterprise standards that ensure products and services are managed in accordance with customer requirements. CMII is developed and administered by The Institute of Configuration Management and it ensures that complex products, systems and structures are developed and managed with consistency, reliability, quality and profitability to requirements that are clear, concise and valid.

Aras & CMII :

  • Embedded CMII processes to manage information across the product lifecycle to reduce costs, improve profits and improve cycle times
  • Certified CMII software with 4 Star Rating
  • CMII baselines with Model or Equivalent ID Number
  • Field names and terminologies per CMII model with CMII labels for Items, Documents, Forms, Records and Workflows
  • Advance CMII workflow capabilities provide closed-loop change process with Email Alerts, Escalation, Delegation, Rule-based Routing, Looping, Parallel Paths, Dynamic Assignment, Graphical Modeling and more
  • Web browser-based system with robust security and CMII baseline format, fields and functionality for affected items Impact Analysis
  • Integrated Project Management, Document Management, Product Data Management, Systems Engineering, Requirements Management, Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance