The fact that it is free to download certainly helped, but it was Aras’s comprehensive functionality that won us over.
Kevin Friske, Database Administrator
MiTek Corporation

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Cloud-Ready PLM Platform

Our vision for leveraging the cloud in enterprise PLM features both a technology approach and a business strategy — both designed exactly for the cloud.

On the technology front, Aras is already a true cloud architecture. And from a business standpoint, Aras gives you the subscription-based model required to scale out economically.

Right now, today, you can take advantage of Aras in the cloud and achieve new levels of PLM scalability, performance and collaboration. The Aras architecture partitions easily for a wide variety of deployment scenarios, giving you the flexibility to deploy in a traditional data center, onto cloud infrastructure or in a hybrid configuration.

Hybrid configurations include both conventional data center and cloud resources, for example you can run multiple replicated vaults on-premise behind your corporate firewall for security with application servers distributed and clustered in the cloud for scalability.

Whether you're deploying on next generation cloud infrastructure, planning a hybrid configuration of cloud and conventional resources or preparing to run in the public cloud, Aras has the ideal architecture for your global PLM environment.

Aras Cloud Advantage

  • Partitions Easily - Unique distribution of services and layers with clear separation between data, presentation and business logic
  • Simple to Customize - Model-based SOA framework for customization without complex programming
  • Highly Secure - Secure web services for all data exchange and process integration
  • All Web Services -Federated environment for connectivity to cloud services and data sources
  • No License Costs -Open source format eliminates PLM licensing fees; no up-front expenditures, incremental user fees or restrictions

Cloud Readiness

  • Distributed Architecture - Partitions cleanly to separate multiple vault, database and application servers
  • Virtualization - Runs on any virtual server including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Xen
  • Elasticity - Capable of being provisioned automatically for dynamic resource allocation
  • Scalability - Ability to run in clustered environments that enable the use of pooled compute resources as needed in real-time without intervention
  • Enterprise Security - Built-in at the architecture level across all business items and components
  • Network Security - Runs on http/https (port 80/443 only) connecting through firewalls without a VPN
  • Federation - Entire system is web services for secure connections to other systems and services whether on-site legacy or cloud-based
  • Multi-tenant - Able to run single system with different customizing and vaults for each organization
  • Adaptability - Capable of highly customized data schema and business rules ("modeling") without complex programming, with all customizations stored within the database to facilitate multi-tenant hosting
  • Upgradability - Perform major upgrades during continued operation without impacting system modifications
  • License Flexibility - No licensing obstacles to deployment

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