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With Aras, internal infrastructure is easy; I don’t have to worry about it. Allowing other people in the company to log in is easy too; I don’t have to worry about that either. And administration is trivial; Aras is the only PLM solution the market that is a true Web application.
Jay Patel, President

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Integration & Federation

100% web services, based on open industry standards with a transparent data model, Aras is the easiest enterprise PLM solution to integrate with on the market.

Prepackaged Integrations

We offer pre-packaged connectors for many enterprise systems and authoring tools, such as leading CAD applications. These point-to-point connectors embed Aras menus and toolbars into the user interface of the integrated tools. Using this approach, the PLM user interface is encapsulated within the desktop application, reducing training and keeping users in their own tools.

All of the offered CAD and EDA integrations from Aras certified partners, as well as the MS-Office integration from Aras, follow this model. Packaged ERP and PDM integrations, such as the SAP Netweaver certified connector, are also available.

Federated Integrations

For integration with legacy business applications we use a core Aras service called Federation.

With Federation, business objects and properties stored in the target application or database are defined as properties on Items in Aras, at which point the remote data is treated as Aras PLM data. The data can be securely displayed and edited in forms, used in workflows, added to versioned configurations and more.

Many Aras Federation implementations are bi-directional, allowing data in the remote system to be securely viewed and updated seamlessly and transparently to end users.

Web Services Integrations

For other systems that require access to data or files stored in Aras, such as an online catalog or a shop floor MES system, we recommend using web services. You can interface to the Aras server directly using XML/SOAP, or you can create a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) for the specific business objects you want to interface with.

Other Integrations

While the native integration layer of Aras is XML/SOAP web services, we recognize that not all developers and applications use web services. The Aras Innovator Object Model (IOM) is a documented and freely distributed DLL version of the API that presents a comfortable programming interface for anyone that has development experience in environments such as Visual Studio or VBA.

In addition, Aras supports all .NET data exchange methods. Integration capabilities available in Aras include ODBC, ADO, flat file or direct API. Use of integration infrastructure (EAI/ESB) such as Oracle Fusion, BizTalk or Sonic is also supported.