Finding good information fast was a real challenge. With information in so many different places, we would spend a lot of time finding and extracting what we needed and then, in some cases, reformatting it for readability and reporting. Regulatory and consumer affairs also require regular audits and reporting and, at the time, those were time consuming to pull together. Now with Aras there's no more laborious digging for essential data elements. It’s so user-friendly, we now have other departments asking for access to the system.
Jayne Hoover, Vice President of Quality and R&D
American Italian Pasta Company

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Single-System Multi-Language Internationalization for Global Collaboration

Aras features a unique, highly advanced approach to Internationalization and localization. With our model-based SOA framework an unlimited number of user languages are simultaneously supported by a single system running one application server.

Translations are stored as data in the database which dramatically simplifies the development and sharing of language packs by eliminating external resource files and getting rid of the need to compile code before using translated solutions.

One Installation. Many Languages.

  • Our multi-language support includes both the solution screens and all end user data; For example, users in the U.S. see the Part Master in English, users in Germany see the data in German and users in China see Chinese.
  • We support the entire ISO/IEC 10646 Unicode character and script set, representing more than 500 written languages, including double byte support for the Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideographs.
  • Sorting of user search results occurs in the native language (collating sequence).

Multiple Timezones. Global Coordination.

  • A single system installation used simultaneously by people all over the world provides each user with local time zone display.
  • Each user's actions are recorded in one defined corporate time zone for synchronization of time & date sensitive activities.
  • Global date and time complexity are coordinates for collaborative processes such as electronic workflow signatures, program scheduling deadlines, and product release effectivity.

Language localization packages are developed by corporate community members around the world. Language packs currently available include American English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, and Traditional Mandarin and Simplified Chinese.