Modeling Examples using Aras Innovator

December 15, 2016 @ 11:00 AM ET
To celebrate another great year we will be hosting a special 90 minute demo series event. Along with our partners, we will demonstrate cool and innovative modeling examples using the Aras Innovator platform. The demos will illustrate a number of real use cases and include a panel discussion to share information and ideas. Please join us for the final demo series of 2016 and get some great ideas for 2017.

Note: we are allotting 90 minutes to give ample time for demo and discussion. Participants may need to leave but may still submit questions for the discussion.
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A new way to visualize Aras data: a Graph Viewer

Benjamin Chaillon, Minerva

Developed for Airbus, this Graph extension on top of Aras Innovator allows end users to visualize data as oriented graphs for a better understanding of the data and the relationships between them. Easy and friendly interface, filtering capabilities, and discover mode.

How to use Innovator core functionality and custom API's to display items and their various manifestations to users

Vijay Kannan, Aras

This demo will help customers who wishes to implement a complete system for managing their entire product information management process. Customers who has the need to classify their information based on Model, Series and Line can benefit from this solution approach. The solution is designed to be scalable and maintainable with minimal code modifications.

Add and Remove Affected Items on an In Work Change

Dennis Lindinger, Razorleaf

Sometimes a change process requires additional affected items to completely implement the change. Depending on the state of the change, it may not be possible to add additional affected items, so a second change is started. This solution will allow additional affected items to be added to the change and have all of the same business rules applied as if it were on the change from the start. The solution also works for removing affected items.

Dynamic Workflow Assignments

Terry Quan, EBD Advisors

When a customer needed the ability to change workflow assignments after initialization of the workflow process we created a custom solution to manage the business process. We modeled a custom workflow process behaviors so that changes to the Team assigned to the Controlled Item would be reflected in future assignments within that specific workflow process.

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