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Application Specific Clients tailor the Aras PLM solution suite to meet needs of each person or group of people in the organization, giving them exactly what they need while improving usability and overall productivity.

Examples of Application Specific Clients include: Incoming inspection (bar code), supplier portal, shop floor drawing viewer, customer portal , CAD integrations and web-site catalogs

With Aras Application Specific Clients you can:

  • Remove unnecessary menus and functions
  • Consolidate information (mash-up) for the specific task at hand
  • Localize the time zone and language
  • Improve the user ergonomics, using a:
    • Barcode interface instead of a mouse
    • Touch-typist interface instead of a mouse
    • Mouse driven data entry instead of a keyboard
    • Touch screen
    • Mobile device

Free Presentation - Aras Application Specific Clients

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