E3 Electric Wiring Harness Schematic & Librarian Connectors for Aras

The E3 Wiring Harness and Librarian Connectors for Aras integrate data exchange between the E3 tools and the Aras Innovator™ PLM solution suite, providing PLM driven design data tracking, BOM/variance configuration, and project and workflow management services essential to design, manufacturing, and change management of a Wiring Harness product. The two Connectors should always be considered together in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the integration with Aras. Both Connectors are highly configurable and customizable to meet the E3 user and process requirements.

E3 Electric Wiring Harness Schematic & Librarian Connectors for Aras

Functionality and Features

  • Integration with the E3 look and feel - shielding the user from PLM particulars
  • Automated mapping of the E3 data model and files to the PLM equivalent documents, data containers, part numbers, and BOM structures - providing seamless and hands-off interaction between the two environments
  • Component library meta data synchronization and validation between the centralized PLM part definitions, the E3 library, and the design specific BOMs - eliminating design errors caused by incompatible part definitions
  • Cross-team in-process (WIP) design vaulting (file check in/out) and concurrent engineering (including ECAD-MCAD collaboration) that span workgroups, time zones, and continents - enabling 24/7 design activities
  • Early engineering BOM disclosure with enterprise wide access by domain experts, procurement, and manufacturing - minimizing late discovery of production related issues
  • Management of BOM-level design variances and the related assembly part numbers – enabling enforcement of enterprise wide product family practices
  • Design release process control including manufacturing hand-off, ECOs, design repurposing (ex: prototype to high-volume), and the overall product life cycle management – enforcing uniform practices within the enterprise and with the external vendors
  • Management of regulatory compliance, including ISO9001, ISO10007, QSA9000, FDA, CEEE and GMP – providing verification and traceability throughout product life cycle

These Connectors are designed specifically for the following Electronic CAD tools:

  • Zuken E3 suite

Aras Electronic CAD Connectors are available from the following partners: