Kisters Digital Mockup for Aras provides ultra-high performance 3D viewing and analysis for product designs managed in Aras Innovator. Now decisions throughout the product lifecycle can be made based on visualizing your complete product at once.

Kisters Digital Mockup for Aras uses the Kisters 3DViewStation viewer to handle visualization and DMU processes reliably, efficiently and economically. 3DViewStation is a high-performance 3D viewer supporting many 3D CAD formats like Catia V5, NX, CreoElements/Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Parasolid and neutral formats like STEP, 3D-PDF, JT. 3DViewStation provides important analysis functions such as measurement, dimensioning, sectioning, a 3D comparison function and true MultiCAD DMU, which provides simultaneous loading and analysis of data from different CAD systems.

Application View of Digital Mockup

Kisters Digital Mockup for Aras:

  • Fast 3D viewing for parts and assemblies, outstanding performance
  • Works with extremely large datasets
  • Advanced 3D analysis functions
  • Adds true MultiCAD DMU capabilities to Aras Innovator
  • Compare parts and assemblies from within Aras Innovator
  • Color coding: color parts depending on PLM status
  • Supports MDB (Model Based Definition, 3D Master) approach
  • Integrated solution – eliminates error prone manual processes
  • Automated batch-translation of native 3D CAD data into light-weight representation

Functionality & Features

  • High performance
  • Reliable CAD importers
  • PMI: import PMIs, treat PMI views like views, filter by PMI-types
  • Import CAD attributes
  • Activate and create coordinate systems
  • Draft angle analysis
  • 3D compare
  • 3D annotation
  • 3D markups
  • Object filtering
  • Mirror object
  • Projected area
  • Viewing with PreViews
  • Animate views
  • 3DConnexion 3D mouse support
  • State of the art UI
  • UI customizable
  • mouse keys customizable
  • MultiCAD
  • Sectioning: measure during section, calculate section surface and wires, section during compare
  • Measuring
  • Dimensioning
  • Slide
  • Rotating
  • Focus
  • Explode: manual & automatic
  • offset lines
  • Change color
  • Show grid
  • Part properties: density, mass, gravity center
  • Image export
  • 3D export: i.e. STEP, 3D PDF, JT