Legacy PLM Dilemma

When a PLM system has failed to meet its goals companies have typically had only one choice – “rip and replace” – meaning turn off the existing system and start afresh with a new one.

This approach is often the best and most expedient approach. However, there are risks that must be managed and can become overwhelming:

  • The cost to replace existing capabilities before any new ones can be deployed
  • User disruption
  • Data migration challenges

Overlay and Extend

With Aras Innovator there is another way. Instead of rip and replace you can focus on addressing your most pressing problems and keep legacy systems in place as long as it makes sense.

Using our Connectors for PDM and ALM systems you can leverage your existing investments while focusing on deploying new application capabilities to your users.

And by connecting systems across domains – MCAD, ECAD and Software - you can create composite BOMs and synchronize processes across disciplines.

Benefits of the Aras Approach

With Aras Innovator you can overlay and extend your existing systems, allowing you to:

  • Maximize the return on your existing investment
  • Focus on your most pressing problems
  • Create new value by deploying new application capabilities to users
  • Avoid disrupting existing users
  • Lower project risk