A How-to Guide for Building Digital Twins

A How-to Guide for Building Digital Twins

A recent Aras Innovator demonstration showed how Aras Innovator lets users build, maintain, and leverage a Digital Twin: or, the exact configuration of a physical part in the field. Check out the overview video below, and learn how Aras manages Digital Twins: 

1 - Include every serialized part.

A digital twin is a physical bill of materials. So - just like an engineering bill of materials - every level of the product that is serialized, including its assemblies, sub assemblies, and components, can be represented in Aras Innovator.

2 - Validate, validate, validate.

The process in Aras Innovator starts with an engineering part, to ensure traceability with the Digital Thread all the way back through the product’s requirements, system models, simulation studies, CAD designs, quality and manufacturing data, and more. Aras doesn’t permit unreleased parts from being used in a physical parts bill of materials, by design. And, it enforces unique serial numbers for every physical part throughout your structure.

3 - Track every change.

A straightforward, intuitive user experience in Aras Innovator allows for the addition and removal of serialized parts from the physical part Bill of Materials, including new additions like upgrades and retrofits, along with replacement parts for quality and maintenance events.

4 - Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

What if you could look across the performance of every digital twin at your customers’ sites? With Graph Navigation in Aras Innovator, you can navigate from the engineering part, to the physical part, all the way downstream to each serialized product in the field. Using the intuitive query builder, your administrator builds user experiences that interrogate different aspects of your twins, like performance and work order data.

5 - Make it available to every user.

Do you like a form and tree grid view of your product information? Do you prefer a high-level, graphical experience to navigate the digital thread of your products’ operational data and associated engineering data? Or does a highly visual CAD experience, augmented by engineering and operational data, side-by-side, meet your needs better? Why choose just one? Aras Innovator offers a number of different ways to experience the Digital Twin, all configurable by your administrator and all available throughout various PLM applications, wherever users can most benefit from Digital Twin data in context with their work, like quality, manufacturing, requirements development, simulation - the list goes on.

See how to build Digital Twins, maintain them, navigate easily from various engineering applications to Digital Twin data, and leverage different views of the data in this 30-minute video demonstration, Digital Twin: How to Build, Manage, and Enable a Powerful User Experience