Unlocking Innovation at ACE 2024: PLM and the Digital Thread

Unlocking Innovation at ACE 2024: PLM and the Digital Thread

It’s that time of year! We’re just about five weeks away from ACE 2024, which is taking place in Fort Worth, Texas. This year’s theme is Unlocking Innovation. ACE is the premier Aras community event in 2024 and a chance for us to share our vision for the year and hear from you directly. Join us and hundreds of other experts worldwide March 4-7 to explore the latest in PLM and Digital Thread innovation. Meet like-minded peers and learn how their organizations have transformed their products and processes with Aras.

ACE 2024 spans four days, including both pre-and post-event days, that offer several unique, hands-on training opportunities. Choose from a variety of training classes centered around all things Aras Innovator® hosted by our training team, attend CIMdata’s Digital Transformation Masterclass, join IpX’s training session focused on shaping industry innovation with effective change and process excellence, or learn all about tools required for end-to-end innovation processes during training classes hosted by XPLM.

Take advantage of numerous technical discussions where you’ll meet directly with members of our Product Management team to share your feedback and really influence topics we are considering for future product development. Or drop by the Ask Aras demo room for a quick demonstration and discussion of Aras Innovator and its applications.

The main event kicks off Tuesday, March 5, with Our CEO Roque Martin. He will offer his perspective on why organizations need to think differently about how they leverage modern digital technology in an increasingly dynamic world.

CTO Rob McAveney will follow up with his session, Threading Our Way Into Industry 5.0, before joining the first of three panel discussions we’ll be hosting over the course of the event. The panel, Data in Context: Leveraging the Modern Digital Thread, will explore how the Digital Thread serves as a foundational paradigm for streamlining collaboration, data flow, and decision-making across the product lifecycle. Gain insights into managing PLM-related business processes in entirely new ways.

There will be several customer presentations and training sessions you won’t want to miss that afternoon, including A Day in the Thread presented by Cresta Bateman and David Ewing of SAIC. They’ll provide a summary view of SAIC’s digital thread implementation (based on Aras Innovator) as the foundation for their digital engineering offering: ReadyOne.

 On Wednesday, March 6, best-selling author and entrepreneur Dr. Jackie Frieberg, will open the day as our keynote speaker. She’ll share strategies on how organizations like yours can move in bold new directions by enabling everyone to learn, ideate, and innovate. She’ll challenge you to see beyond the blur of work-as-usual, lead others to question the unquestionable, and disrupt the status quo.

Our CMO, Josh Epstein, will host the second panel session of the event focused around how managing and operationalizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals is supported by an effective digital thread strategy.

We’ll wrap up the morning with our third and final panel of the event featuring digital engineering pioneers from Aras’ board of directors as they look ahead to the future of engineering. Learn how management styles, teams, and skillsets evolve alongside technology as organizations navigate modern challenges.

The afternoons of both main event days are filled with customer presentations by members of the Aras community, including DENSO, Ocado, SAIC, SRC, SICK, and Svante (just to name a few) and even more hands-on training opportunities. Don’t miss out on a crowd-favorite session on the final day – Aras in the Round – where you’ll have the unique opportunity to attend an open, unscripted, and unfiltered Q&A session with our CEO and CTO. Take a look at our full agenda for additional details.

We’d like to thank all our sponsors for their support on this year’s event – check out the full list here! Growing your business is about getting in front of the right people at the right time, and that’s exactly what ACE delivers – meet, network, and collaborate with decision-makers and users from companies, industries, and locations you want to reach. Interested in sponsoring the event? Please contact Susan Wood at [email protected].

ACE 2024 will be held at the Worthington Renaissance, located in the heart of Fort Worth and within walking distance of restaurants and entertainment. Special hotel rates are available up until three days prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!