Where used - show descriptions?

Hello When I click 'where used' on a part, I see the part number and revision where it's used in each higher-level assembly. It would be super useful to see the description (name) at the same time. Is there a way to do that? Cheers! Bob
  • that would be the keyed-name In the part itemtype defintion in the properties tab, if you look at the column "keyed name order" you will see that it has a 1 on the line item_number. Just add a 2 in the same column but on the "name" property line. And that will be it.  
  • Superb, thank you! That does exactly what I hoped. Bob
  • To jump on the end of this, is there a way to show this only on the where used, and not everywhere the part number is used?
  • I would also like a solution to this as this is causing issues around our office.

  • It´s not easy to customize the standard Where Used function. But I would recommend you use a TreeGridView as custom WhereUsed option. So you can define very detailed what you want to see in WhereUsed. In addition you avoid that people access ItemTypes they don´t need in daily life or are not allowed to see cause of company restrictions.

  • Hi community,

    has anyone ever found a way to customize the standard "Where Used" feature? The keyed_name solutions some kind of works, but it still adds Aras ootb revision scheme (which doesn´t fit the revision schema I actually use). And adding the property "name" to the "keyed_name" is also not something to recommend. 

    I discovered that WhereUsed behavior is mainly influenced by the flimsy "getItemWhereUsed" function which is unfortunately a core feature.

    Any ideas?

  • Hello, @Angelap, Did you find a way to "customize" the "Where Used"?.

    Reading this post, they indicate, I think, how to do it, but I don't see the "keyed name order" column in my Itemtypes. I don't know if my version of ARAS is another or I don't know...

  • Hi Meupe,

    I think your post were blocked by the spam filter some time ago.

    So far I don´t think we can customize the ootb "where used".

    Regarding keyed_name and just meant the regular keyed_name properties in the itemtype. But it´s not the best solutions to edit the keyed_names just to get a more detailed WhereUsed view. The keyed_names are used in multiple ways, so it´s not a good solution to add long properties like "name" to them.

    One workaround is to use a custom TGV for a WhereUsed view.


  • Hello Angela, yes, i was blocked by spam filter, for a weeks............

    Thanks, I already found the "keyed_name", but it makes a little mess in the searches and so on, it is not a viable option.

    I have read a lot about the use of TGV, but unfortunately in my version of ARAS (11 sp9) it was not implemented yet. I am struggling in the company to see if they update at once to the latest version of ARAS, since our version is very old and there are many new things when it comes to programming that we could use.

    In these weeks of "ban", many doubts/problems have arisen, but since I couldn't write in the forum........... I'll ask them!!, :)

    Too many thanks!!!!

  • Nearly everybody was blocked by the spam filter after the last forum update. I was in contact with Aras myself. They improved the filter, but I guess it took them some time to separate all affected people from the spam bots (there are a lot...). If it happens again, directly write them. 

    And don´t forget: The reason your company has a subscription is, that you get proper support and don´t have to use the forum. Your company pays for this service.

    You can ask them each question you normally would write in the forum. This Where Used question is perfect for support. Seriously, how many subscribers do you see in the forum? Just a couple, cause the rest asks directly (or is still banned :) ). The best solution is to use both options (forum + support). Support is great for correct fast answers to general questions. Forum is best for solutions that the support is not allowed to recommend or are bit experimental.

    You can also ask for tips regarding update and how to limit the worries of your company. They have done this before. If still in doubt, I also offer a consulting service where I can share tips that I wished Aras would have told me before doing update :).