Project Promotion

By default in Innovator 12.0SP9 with Program Management 12.0R1, Projects can be promoted through the various lifecycle states by the Owner Identity (the owned_by_id of the Project, a.k.a. the Project Manager).

I want to allow one additional person to always be able to promote project, so that the owner and this one other person. So I created an new Project Promotion Identity, added Owner and the Alias Identity for the user into it, and changed all the Project Lifecycle Map transitions to use the Project Promotion Identity instead of Owner. Logged out and even restarted IIS, cleared the browser cache, reset the Client Metadata Cache. The User can now promote the project, but unfortunately the user who is the Owner identity (the Project Manager of the Project) cannot now promote it.

It's like the extra degree of separation caused by the Project Promotion identity has removed the Owner from being correctly populated when it comes to allowing a Lifecycle Transition.

Is this expected behavior? Any other options that might be able to be used to allow this configuration requirement to work?

Of course I could put all Project Managers into a Project Managers Identity and allow any one of them to promote all projects irrespective of who the Project Manager / Owner is, but I don't want that. Just want the Project Manager and one other specific user to do that. Also I could double up the transitions so I have one transition for owner and one for the identity Project Promotion identity, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary duplication of lifecycle transitions.

Thank you