TypeError: this.newItem is not a function - Client Side Error

I am attempting to run a Javascript/ client side method that calls other client method, and for some reason I am having a difficult time getting anything to work as I would expect. My confusion lies in many areas. The syntax check runs 'ok', no errors, but something tells me it is not working correctly (or at all) because it comes back with an OK immediately, no wait time. 

I am simply trying to grab an item of a particular name, grab it's ID, and hand that ID to a known, working method, that requires this item I am getting as the context item. 

var itemName = this.newItem("Itemtype", "get");

itemName.setProperty("name", "desired name");

itemName = itemName.apply();

var body = itemName.getID();

return innov.applyMethod("Second Method Name", body);

When I run this from the intended run location (a button with an OnClick field event), I receive an error.

My initial reaction is that,  this.newItem is most certainly a function, and works both in server and client side code, not sure why this is the error. 
Very well could be something that I'm missing or not understanding.

There is no other information in this error message, has anyone seen this before?