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I need to pull a report but only for latest released however it seems SSR can only pull current?

I've tried messing around with filters on the is_current and is_released properties but when set to 1 and latest isn't one of these I don't get the expected result.


  • Hi Morgan,

    it´s been a while since I used SSRS. But your question sounds like a typical AML issue. You have to add an additional filter to your query to ensure you get all generations of an item. You either search for "generation greater zero" or "id is not null". 

    Check out Chris´s answer in this post: . There is also a AML sample included you maybe can use for the report query.



  • Silly question but, I don't see any obvious place to setup my report query with AML, only the graphics interface. Am I missing something?

  • To be honest, I am not sure where to add this one. Somewhere in the beginning you specify the used ItemType and select the properties you want to display. You should be able to specify a filter somewhere. 

    I would add a filter for is_released=1 AND generation > 0  . And maybe "config_id is not null".

    But I am just guessing. Better ask Aras support to get a more reliable answer!

    As you use Self-Service Reports you probably have a subscription. In this case pay attention for the next Innovator version Innovator 24 which will appear pretty soon.

    This one will introduce a complete new Reporting engine, which from my POV will replace the SSR completely over the long term run. When I have to make a prediction: The current SSR service (based on an external reporting software) will be set to EOL next year and you will be encouraged by Aras itself to update and switch to the new better Reporting variant. 

    The current SSR service has a couple of limitations and was mainly a "first experimental approach" for Aras to build the QueryBuilder. 

  • I believe you can apply the condition here:

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