Searching by effective date when adding relationships

Hello - 

We have an application built within Innovator that is similar to the Digital Twin concept, with configurations of components within modules tracked as versions of the module item, and 'hard fixed' relationships between the recorded jobs and the specific version of module which was used.

This works really well as long as the job is entered at the time, but quite often jobs are entered retrospectively after new versions of the modules have been created, and users often forget about the process to find a specific historical version (using generation > 0 search criteria), instead just selecting the latest.

In the main search grids you can search with the 'query type' set to 'effective' and set which date you're interested in (e.g. in my case the job date), which returns the relevant historical versions rather than the latest.

Does anyone know a way to mimic this in the relationship search dialog?

Many thanks

  • Hi Benjamin,

    one simple option that works is using a custom "Search Mode". Basically you copy the "Simple" Search Mode and add the "generation = 0" hack. Note that the "Simple" search mode might be updated in every new Aras version. But most of the time the feature is easy to reproduce.

    This allows you to do something like this (translation of text --> "Simple - All Revisions" ).

    But maybe ask Aras for a better variant if you have a subscription.

    Best regards!