Aras open 2023


I have downloaded and installed the latest Aras open (2023 aka V14) on two separate computers running Windows 2016 server and Windows 10 Pro. Both machines ran the previous open release (Aras 12 SP9) without any issues. I uninstalled the previous installation and deleted the database before installing the latest version.

Now I get the following error when trying to log on. I have confirmed that IIS is running. Are there any additional requirements that I am missing?


  • Hi Sam,

    I did my Release 2023 testrun yesterday. Test machine had 12SP7 preinstalled and used MS Server 2022. I didn´t remove 12SP7 cause I still need it.

    Needed some time to get it running and also saw your error message in combination with redirect error. Here the major tasks I had to do:

    - Install hosting bundle 6.0.6 
    - Set http for 2023 instance when the parallel Innovator version use https. 
    - I had to use HTTP Redirect addon as mentioned in the install guide. 
    - Restart IIS

    It´s a nice version, but the purple loading spinner was a highly questionable design decision.

    Best regards


  • Hi Angela,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I installed hosting bundle 6.0.6 and HTTP redirection is already enable in IIS. Still I am getting the same error.



  • From my POV the redirection is mainly necessary to link from http://lccalhost/myplm to http://localhost/myplm/client. Of course Aras was very vague about this one the install guide, cause installing Innovator always must include a certain amount of "fun" puzzling. I am 100% there are company guidelines regarding this one. Grin

    Try if you have more success if you directly use the redirected "client" link. 

    In addition, try to open the page with browser incognito mode. In my case, the cached files and cookies from other Innovator versions made trouble. 

    And I had to restart the server cause of the 6.0.6 installation.