is it possible login with same users and works on different clients machine at same time?

Hi All,

is it possible login with same user and work(get, edit, create Item)  on different client machines at same time?

  • Yes, you can do this with accounts that aren´t tied to Active Directory or similar. E.g. standard "admin" account can be used on multiple clients the same time. You can create a similar account with reduced rights for this purpose. I have talked to Aras some years ago about this one and they are ok with it! (that is what i remember, this sentence shall not count as official statement).

    But pay attention for what use cases you want to use this shared accounts. These are accounts without control. You give it to three people and in the end 58 people you don´t even know have the credentials. I wouldn´t use share accounts for tasks that include edit/add of items. Especially not i a public hosted Innovator. If you can use personalized accounts, do whenever possible. But technically Aras will not stop you if you share "Super User" with everyone, so it´s completely up to you :D